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Whoopi Goes Berserk Over Leak of Video Exposing Uvalde Cops

The shocking video obtained by the Statesman shows the police officers involved in the shooting to be even greater despicable cowards than they were already known to be. In the sickening footage obtained from the school, the officers can be seen loitering in the hallway for an extended period of time without doing anything.

Instead of defending the children, one police officer was on his phone, while another grabbed some hand sanitizer from a dispenser in the corridor. None of the officers attempted to save the children.

Given how anti-police the left has become in recent years, one would assume that lefties like Whoopi Goldberg would be equally outraged by the horrific complacency of the police who watched as children were massacred.

Evidently not Whoopi Goldberg. She lost her mind over the video, not because of the police officers’ cowardice in it, but rather because the Statesman published the video clips.

“The Austin American statesman newspaper just leaked video that we’re not going to show you of the Uvalde police officers standing down for 77 minutes as the shooter shot 19 students and 2 teachers. Now many parents of victims are outraged. This was released, but the paper is defending their decision. I find it indefensible. I’m sorry. You forgot that attached to all those sounds are people’s children, and you didn’t have to do this. They were going to see this video on Sunday. You did not have to release this video and leak it.”

She continued going berserk by saying, “I think it’s appalling and you should be ASHAMED of yourselves for doing that, for being THOUGHTLESS about the parents who have to relive this every day because it’s on television! Every time you turn around, you gotta see it, you know! And I don’t know if you guys over at that newspaper have kids, but shame on you! I know it doesn’t mean anything coming from me, but [gestures spitting] shame on you!”

The video’s distribution by the newspaper was also criticized by the Uvalde City Council; one council member said that the mayor had indicated they were being too timid by doing so.

What they’re doing on Sunday was not planned to include that portion of the video.

The audience, however, laughed that off since they were far more upset with the way the police handled the incident than they were over the video’s publication.

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