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White House Falsifies Transcript of Biden’s Remarks

Joe Biden said during a news conference on Friday in Saudi Arabia that he had discussed Jamal Khashoggi’s murder with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“He basically said that he was not personally responsible for it. I indicated I thought he was,”  Biden stated.

What Biden said about the interaction in the presser was mirrored in the White House transcript. According to a misleading statement in the White House transcript, Biden said: “I indicated that he probably was.”

It is understandable that President Joe Biden received nothing from that discussion. It is possible that the transcript reflects the actual dialogue more accurately than President Joe Biden’s news conference remarks. But regardless of the specifics of the dialogue, the transcript, although being the official record, does not accurately capture what Joe Biden stated during the news conference.

This is the third instance in roughly a week that we are aware of in which the White House transcript contains inaccurate information.

When speaking on a new abortion executive order, Biden famously quipped, “Repeat the line,” appearing to read the instructions off the teleprompter in a Ron Burgundy-style moment.

Emilie Simons, the assistant press secretary for the White House, claimed in a tweet that President Joe Biden had said, “Let me repeat the line,” when in fact he had not. But shortly after she stated so, a misleading account of his remarks was published in the White House transcript.

The second incident included tidying up after Jill Biden’s really awkward taco remarks.

Although Jill Biden made it plain that she said “bogidas,” the White House transcript incorrectly recorded her words as “bodegas” without any explanation.

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