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US Sending Millions More In Military Aid To Ukraine

The Biden administration said on Friday that it will provide Ukraine an additional $400 million worth of military hardware, including four more sophisticated rocket launchers. A senior defense official said that the weaponry will support Ukrainian efforts to get behind Russian frontlines in the eastern Donbas region.

Moscow last week claimed complete control of Ukraine’s Luhansk province in the Donbas, but Ukrainian officials maintain their soldiers still control a tiny section of the region and severe combat is still going on in numerous villages. At the same time, help is being sent.

The eight High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or HIMARS, that were earlier provided, according to the military source, are still being employed by Ukrainian troops in the conflict. With four more, they will be able to attack Russian command and control nodes, logistical systems, and other systems that are located further away from the battlefront. At least 100 Ukrainian soldiers have reportedly received HIMAR training, according to a senior military officer. Both officials discussed information that had not yet been made public under the condition of anonymity.

Recently, Russia has fired scores of long-range missiles throughout Ukraine, pinning down Ukrainian soldiers for minutes or even hours at a time.

Ten to fifteen Russian battalion tactical units are present in the Donbas region, according to the US military official, but due to recent fighting-related casualties, Russia may need to take a break to regroup and reset its equipment. Approximately 800 to 1,000 soldiers make up a battalion tactical group.

The authorities of Ukraine have publicly urged their Western partners to provide additional weapons and cutting-edge technology right now so they can close the personnel and equipment deficit.

Russian weapons that are being used to shell Ukrainian areas from a greater distance can be struck by Ukraine thanks to its precise weaponry.

The most recent assistance, which President Joe Biden ordered on Friday afternoon, is the 15th consignment of military hardware from the Defense Department that has been shipped to Ukraine since last August.

Along with the HIMARS, the US will also deliver 1,000 rounds of 155 millimeter artillery, which has a higher level of precision and will aid Ukraine in hitting certain targets.

Three tactical vehicles, counter battery radar systems, replacement parts, and other gear are also included in the package.

According to US and other western authorities, Russia has been advancing slowly but steadily in the Donbass, but not as quickly as Moscow had hoped. According to Biden, the US is providing Ukraine with the support it needs to keep fending against Russian aggression.

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