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US Navy Member Died After “Secret Mission” Went Wrong

Every time they are sent somewhere, service members put their lives at risk. And when a member of the Armed Forces dies, everyone in the country is sad. This happened to a Navy member who died in 2021, and now we know more about how she died.

The Navy Times said in November 2021 that the US Navy was not saying much about the death of Cryptologic Technician 1st Class Robin Nicole Collins on July 18. The only thing that was known was that she died in the operational area of the US 6th Fleet, which is made up of 105 countries. The military branch also said that she died when the roof and chimney of the shelter she was in fell in during bad weather.

At the time, the 6th Fleet’s spokesman, Cmdr. Richlyn Ivey, told the Times that they couldn’t say where Collins died or what she was doing when the accident happened.

More information about her death has come out in new stories in the Times, but it’s still not a lot. A report from March 20 says that reporters got a copy of an internal investigation into Collins’ death. It said that her unit was going to sleep in tents while on a secret mission in a country that wasn’t named. But they found a building with power, so they decided to stay there. On the day she died, she was hit by a chimney and a roof that fell on her because of “unpredictable, sudden, and intense weather.”

The storm that caused the accident hit quickly. In fact, the report said it was a “calm, sunny day” that turned into “extreme winds strong enough to tear the roof off a chimney” in just a few minutes. Wind gusts got up to 90 mph.

On the day Collins died, she and three other people, one of whom was a chief cryptologic technician-networks, were on “temporary duty.” The investigation showed that they had not done an engineering evaluation of the building, but they said it looked “relatively new.” As the building started to fall apart, the chief told everyone to get out. Collins couldn’t get away in time. Her team found her under a pile of roof and chimney debris that was five feet high.

The team started CPR and called for an emergency helicopter. When the doctors got there, they were sad to say that Collins was dead.

Collins is remembered by many people who loved her, like her twin sister, brother, step-siblings, parents, grandparents, and step-grandparents.

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