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US Military Insider Predicts Attack on US by China If War Breaks Out

According to the Secretary of the Army, our own country would be targeted if war broke out between the US and China. The American people are accustomed to conflict taking place in other lands. It is no longer accurate.

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth indicated that the Army thinks China would assault US territory in the event of a conflict when speaking to the American Enterprise Institute on February 27. 

A Chinese invasion of Taiwan is not “imminent,” according to Wormuth, who emphasized that the only way to prevent one is to demonstrate to Beijing that the West would band together to confront Chinese aggression in the same manner that it has done with Russia. 

Yet, she said, “The United States homeland would be at risk as well,” if that invasion does take place and American soldiers are involved.

According to Wormuth, China would launch strikes to “erode support” for a conflict with the country, thereby intimidating the American people. She issued a cautionary statement that both kinetic and non-kinetic strikes may be carried out. Cyber assaults and PSYOPS are examples of non-kinetic strategies; according to Wormuth, pipelines and the electric power system are possible targets for cyberattacks.

Wormuth recognized a second threat to the US, in addition to China: conflicts in Congress that take place when legislators disagree over a new budget. The only money that federal authorities may spend is that which has been approved by prior budgets. Because “for six months of the year we can’t have any new starts to programs,” according to Wormuth, it is difficult for the Army to maintain its weapon systems up to date.

It’s critical that the US maintain a technological advantage to offset Beijing’s greater numbers, especially given that some of those numbers may directly attack us. China is investing substantially in its military and quickly replacing its outdated Soviet-era equipment with new technologies.

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