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UFO Report Reveals Officials Can’t Explain The Mysterious Sightings

According to the conclusions of a widely awaited research on the enigmatic objects, US intelligence agencies have no explanation for virtually all occurrences involving UFOs spotted by military aircraft since 2004.

Officials stated they were only able to identify one of the 144 recorded sightings with so-called unexplained aerial phenomenon (UAPs) with high confidence, deciding the item was a deflated balloon. According to the Pentagon task team, officials presently lack sufficient evidence to confidently characterize the other occurrences.

Officials urged Congress to invest in consistent reporting and analysis of UAPs in order to enhance attempts to determine their causes. The items might potentially endanger aircraft safety and national security, according to the assessment.

The study, compiled by the Director of National Intelligence, found no proof that the sightings were alien spacecraft or indications of superior technology held by a foreign power like China or Russia. The study did not, however, rule out the possibility.

In 18 of the events, witnesses reported unique UAP movement patterns or flight characteristics, including several situations where the objects traveled without obvious sources of propulsion, according to the study.

Airborne clutter, natural atmospheric phenomena, classified US technology research activities, foreign enemy systems, and a catch-all other category are the five categories that officials believe will explain the occurrences once they are addressed.

A chunk of the report will likely be classified. Senior administration sources told the New York Times earlier this month that the secret data does not contain any evidence that alien spacecraft exist. They admitted that withholding parts of the study may lead to conjecture.

The research, according to Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., leader of the House Intelligence Committee, shows that contacts with UAPs are not uncommon.

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