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Trump Makes A Splash On Instagram After Two-Year Absence

On his long-awaited comeback on Monday, former President Donald Trump wasted no time making an effect on Instagram. This is the first update from the 2024 presidential contender since January 5th, 2021.

That was the day before the drama at the Capitol began.

This time the focus was not on the certification of contested election results but on promoting non-fungible tokens. Namely, pictures of himself with patriotic and iconic images for his many supporters.

Trump told his social media following, “I am pleased to inform you that, due to the great success of my previously launched DIGITAL TRADING CARDS, we are doing it again, SERIES 2, AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW.”

The former president then gave instructions on how to purchase the collectibles.

Trump was shown in some of the artwork dressed as a rock star, a fireman, and a superhero.

The initial run of collectibles reportedly sold out in one day, bringing in an estimated $4.4 million in income, as reported by Forbes. On December 15th, after its distribution, Trump claimed in an audio tape attached to another tweet, “We almost broke the internet.”

Trump notes on one trade card that pricing have remained the same since the original issue, “even though they are selling for MANY TIMES MORE.”

He said he could have charged much more and sales would have continued to rise. The media, Trump said, is not going to give him “nice guy credit,” though.

Fans who are still eager to get their hands on these virtual trade cards will be disappointed. When Trump got back on Instagram, he said, “As of 10 minutes ago, my Digital Trading Cards SOLD OUT in RECORD TIME, approximately $4.6 million.”

He praised his followers for the “great honor” they’d bestowed upon him and wished them everyone “Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy.”

After being banned from all social media after the event in the Capitol, the ex-president has been slowly making his way back. On March 17, he made his Facebook comeback, discussing the trading cards there and on his own Truth Social site.

Even though he was given permission to rejoin Twitter, he has not done so as of yet.

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