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Thieves Tap Into Creative Side To Find New Way To Steal Gas

Petrol prices have been steadily rising, putting a strain on people from many walks of life, including, apparently, burglars in Las Vegas, who have begun to become inventive and devise new ways to steal gas.

Things are becoming truly bad when evil men start using innovation and hard work to improve their craft rather than depending on time-tested and accepted lazy ways to achieve what they want without working.

According to AAA, the national average for petrol prices was approximately $4.99 per gallon as of Friday morning, however the current price in Nevada is around $5.62. On Thursday, GasBuddy reported that the national average was more than $5 a gallon.

According to Lt. Jeff Swanbeck of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the hike in fuel costs has resulted in an increase in fuel theft. Thousands of liters have been stolen from certain gas stations, and the thieves will return until the tank is empty. These are thousands of dollars in losses for these gas stations, and it almost puts them out of business.

Thieves in Sin City have begun to alter vehicles with complicated interior plumbing, allowing them to steal hundreds of litres of fuel.

Local law enforcement authorities exhibited many pickup vehicles and trailers were captured with the modified internal pipe systems installed from an undisclosed place.

These crooks are highly skilled. They will take a vehicle that appears to be ordinary, such as a motorway repair truck, but has sophisticated plumbing inside.

One improvised horse trailer attempted to arbitrage gasoline rates by transporting multiple tanks to California, where prices are presently above $6.40 per gallon. Those who steal the gas, as well as those who alter the vehicles, are being arrested.

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