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Surgeon General Advises Vaccinated Americans To Wear Masks Indoors

Biden Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, speaking to Chris Wallace Sunday morning, advised fully vaccinated Americans that they should continue to wear their masks indoors. After many flip-flops by the administration, this is what happened.

They first said that the vaccine would prevent transmission. They aren’t so certain now.

“You talk about masks, are you saying now that if you’re with people you don’t know that we should go back routinely to wear masks indoors?” asked Chris Wallance.

“Well certainly what we’ve been saying since the summertime is that if you are vaccinated or unvaccinated and gathered with people outside your home in indoor spaces, then wearing a mask is the recommended step to take,” said the left-wing doctor.

Watch it all unfold:

check out these tweets from Twitter:

Get ready, Biden and his dictatorial regime will try to take more control of your life in the months ahead.

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