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Stacey Abrams Faces Intense Backlash After Being Caught In Maskless

Stacey Abrams, a Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate, landed in deep water over a photo in which she was shown as a poster child for the Democrats’ “rules for thee, not for me” COVID mandate mentality.

During a book reading for Black History Month, Abrams is photographed without a mask in front of a group of young pupils at Atlanta’s Glennwood Elementary School.

While the youngsters are all wearing masks in order to comply with a Decatur City Commission requirement, Abrams is not.

Dr. Holly Brookins, the school’s administrator, tweeted the image, which was subsequently reposted by Abrams, who described her school visit as amazing, lovely, and outstanding.

After a lot of Twitter users pointed out the double standard of Abrams going maskless while children are compelled to muzzle their faces, the principal and Abrams eventually deleted the message.

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