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Small Town Mayor Upset By Bus Of Migrants Sent To City Without Notice

After scores of migrants were bussed into his town without warning, the mayor of a small Illinois town is in consternation. The office of Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker called Elk Grove Village Mayor Craig Johnson recently to let him know “a bus” of migrants will be arriving in the city that evening, according to Johnson.

The small town mayor then questioned whether these migrants had been subjected to any health screenings or background checks, but was given no answer when he asked for more information, such as how many migrants and which hotel they were headed to, Johnson said the office claimed “no details were available.” The migrants would receive food and water from Johnson, but he would not let them off the bus.

“We started doing some homework. The State of Texas has no clue where Elk Grove Village is. They were not going to Elk Grove Village. They were going to the city of Chicago. She wants to probably say politically: ‘I’m a sanctuary city. I welcome you with open arms.’ But when reality checks, if five bus loads shows up in her city, she can’t handle it. So let’s give them to Elk Grove Village. That’s wrong…We’re not against migrants. We’re not against helping them, but we should work together. Our frustration is, no well-advance knowledge, no involvement in communication discussing how we can handle it.” 

At the same time that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has attempted to portray the inflow of migrants from Texas as “racism,” Illinois Democratic leadership, including Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, has made similar arguments.

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