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Rock Star Teases Potential Political Run In His Future

Kid Rock is considering running for public office.

In 2017, the iconic rock singer hinted about a Senate candidacy before opting to stick to music. However, the idea of becoming a politician remains in his head.

“One day, if I ever thought—if I was bored, sitting around—really thought I could serve my country and help them out, stir things up a little bit and do what’s right, I’d have to take a hard look at it,” Rock stated to Carlson during the newest edition of Tucker Carlson Originals on Fox.

“No, I like my day job,” Rock said, adding that he had no imminent intentions to run against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The deadline to appear on the ballot in Michigan was April 19. While Rock was born in Michigan, he now splits his time between his home state and Tennessee, as well as Florida.

Despite not voting for Barack Obama, Rock played at an MTV inauguration party in 2009. He served for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in 2012.

Bad Reputation, rock’s most recent album, slammed President Biden, Dr. Anthony Faucci, and cancel culture.

Trump’s latest tour began with a pre-recorded video, and Rock’s motto has been “Make America Rock Again.”

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