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Reporters Grill KJP Over Biden’s Refusal To Answer Questions

As White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wrapped up her briefing on Thursday, she was met with a barrage of questions from journalists about President Joe Biden’s limited access. The reporters were determined to get answers and would not accept no for an answer.

The reporters were irritated by their lack of access to the President, and they did not hold back in expressing their displeasure. “But he doesn’t answer questions!” one report said, while another added, “When we’re in the Oval Office, the press is always shouted down.” Jean-Pierre tried to defend the Biden administration by saying, “That’s not true, he’s answered questions,” but the reporters were skeptical.

It is clear that the Biden administration is attempting to avoid all press questions. It contrasts sharply with the Obama administration, which was more open and transparent with the media. The Biden administration has been chastised for its lack of transparency and refusal to answer press questions.

The media frenzy that erupted at the conclusion of Thursday’s briefing is indicative of the times. Since day one, the Biden administration has avoided press questions, and it does not appear that this will change anytime soon. This is a significant issue for the American people, who have a right to know what their President is doing and saying.

The Biden administration must be held accountable for its lack of transparency and refusal to answer press questions. It is unacceptable for a President to be so secretive and unwilling to respond to press questions. The American people deserve better, and President Joe Biden must begin to be more open and transparent with the press.

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