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Police Shoot Inmate Accused Of Murdering Family After Prison Escape

For his readiness to utilize the government’s power to go after corporations that defy his ideas, DeSantis has received praise from supporters and harsh criticism from detractors.

Because of Disney’s objection to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, the governor supported a state senate move earlier this year to deprive the Walt Disney World Resort of its special tax status. DeSantis rejected $35 million in state financing for the Tampa Bay Rays’ new baseball practice facility on Thursday, ostensibly in retaliation to the MLB team’s social media advocacy for gun control.

The news was confirmed by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday night.

Lopez, a former Mexican Mafia gang member, has been given a life term for killing a man along the Texas-Mexico border in 2006.

Someone concerned about the well-being of an elderly relative alerted the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, sending officers to Lopez’s Centerville home.

Officers discovered the five family members brutally slain when they arrived at the residence on Thursday, but there was no evidence of the family’s white Chevy truck. Authorities conducted a nationwide search for the car, which was finally recovered four and a half hours south of San Antonio in Jourdanton.

The family is said to have arrived at their house earlier in the day for a brief visit. Lopez was thought to be hiding near the cabin in Leon County, but extensive manhunts failed to find him.

Last month, while being transferred between prisons in Gatesville and Huntsville for a medical checkup, the fugitive escaped. During the bus ride, he is said to have broken free from his hand and leg shackles before stabbing the driver with a knife.

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