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Pending Biden Veto Continues Trend of Pursuing Green Energy Policies

President Joe Biden will reject legislation that would reinstate taxes on Chinese-made solar panel equipment components in order to protect his pet energy policy priorities. In the summer of 2022, Biden and the Department of Commerce halted tariffs on solar panels. He planned to create manufacturing employment in the United States by increasing the demand for solar panels, with those panels being assembled using components made in China.

Lawmakers in Congress have argued that it is high time to get down to business and end tax breaks for America’s enemies. There is bipartisan support in Congress for the measure to lift the tariff moratorium. Although Biden is expected to veto the bill, it could be overridden by a vote of two-thirds of both the House and Senate.

Vice President Biden emphasizes the significance of finding sustainable energy sources and fighting climate change. He sees the planned taxes as counterproductive since they might hurt the solar energy industry, imports, and markets, all of which have contributed to the creation of new employment.

Biden is widely anticipated to reject the bill, making it his third time doing so. His past two vetoes have both included blocking opposition to his policies and ambitions about climate change. A Republican attempt to prevent the government from considering environmental implications when deciding retirement plan specifics for Americans was vetoed by Vice President Biden in his first term in office.

The second regulation he vetoed was associated with his Waters of the United States rule and its associated federal safeguards. Republicans in Congress sought to make it easier for businesses to operate, while Vice President Joe Biden advocated for more red tape for companies that build or mine near rivers.

The Biden administration’s veto pattern is clearly leaning toward socialist ideals of 100% renewable energy. The oil and gas business has been a frequent target of Vice President Biden’s policies, particularly his push to phase out the use of gasoline in automobiles by the middle of this century. Progress in green energy now necessitates using components mined and manufactured by Communist China and other opponents.

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