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Pelosi Just Announced She is Running for Re-Election in Creepy Video

Speaker Nancy Pelosi stunned many political watchers when she unexpectedly declared she was running for re-election, propped up in front of a faux San Francisco backdrop, conventiently cleaned of the homeless people and drug addicts that now flourish in her city’s streets.

Pelosi keeps repeating the slogan “for the children, for the children, for the children,” as if she’s attempting to mesmerize voters into believing the Speaker’s message. Her clacking dentures are practically flying out of her head because she says it so often. As she prevaricates to her audience, she can barely hold her power-mad joy, as if anybody could believe the useless misery Democrats had put children through for two years over a virus they have a 100% statistically chance of surviving.

After more than three decades in Congress, the 81-year-old senator had hinted that she could step down after this election season.

Pelosi asserted with wild-eyed zeal that the United States’ democracy is in jeopardy, making the forthcoming election essential.

As a result, Nancy Pelosi proclaims that she will return to Congress “for the children.”

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