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New York’s Leftist Governor Humiliated by Angry Crowd

Kathy Hochul, the governor of New York, was recently humiliated at a New York Rangers hockey game, with the fans loudly mocking her as she entered the arena.

Because she dropped the ceremonial first puck, which opened up a broadside to the public, she might have slipped under the radar and avoided the scorn hurled at her by New Yorkers if she had just sat quietly in the stands, but she was outed by her own desire to be seen: she dropped the ceremonial first puck, which opened up a broadside to the public.

“But first we would like to announce Kathy Hochul, the first female governor of our state. Governor Hochul began her career in public service in the greater Buffalo area, served in Congress, and was twice elected Lieutenant Governor.

Here to drop tonight’s ceremonial first puck, a champion of women’s rights and leader of the great state of New York, please welcome Governor Kathy Hochul.”

Inevitably, the crowd, many of whom had long suffered as a result of policies implemented by Hochul’s predecessor, Cuomo, and subsequently upheld by her, chose to boo rather than celebrate, letting the governor know how they felt.

The governor’s since-revoked statewide mask mandate, released as the COVID-19 Omicron variant increased, sparked backlash on Twitter, with some claiming the reaction was due to the governor’s since-revoked statewide mask mandate.

Whatever the reason, the booing became so loud that it continued through the ceremonial puck drop, producing a commotion and clearly humiliating Hochul.

Regrettably, the booing may not accurately reflect New York voters’ emotions about Hochul; the Democrat Party machine continues to grind and has placed Hochul comfortably in the lead, at least among Democrat voters.

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