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New Poll Shows Nancy Pelosi Is The Most Unpopular Dem

Nancy Pelosi is without a doubt one of America’s most well-known politicians, but her celebrity hasn’t made her likable.

According to a recent Republican party survey, House Speaker Paul Ryan, 82, is the most despised Democrat in the country.

According to a poll conducted by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and first reported by the Daily Caller, 34 percent of respondents prefer Pelosi, while 58 percent oppose her.

President Biden’s approval rating was 41% when she took office, with a disapproval rating of 52%, suggesting her net approval dropped 13 points in a year. The reduction coincides with a broader decline in Democratic support since Biden took office.

Pelosi is even less popular than Kamala Harris, who has a 41 percent approval rating, and Vice President Joe Biden, who has a 44 percent approval rating, according to the study, which was conducted from March 12 to March 16.

Pelosi, who has been the Democratic Party’s leader since 2003, purposefully accepted the position of anti-Trump crusader during Trump’s presidency, delighting the leftist base while alienating many others with her divisive antics.

Pelosi has also endured criticism from people on the left, albeit with kid gloves, on certain subjects, such as her stance on stock trading.

Pelosi, a multimillionaire and the wife of a venture capitalist, is personally affected by the issue.

Many believe Pelosi made her fortune through insider trading, which would explain her reluctance to prohibit members of Congress from trading stocks.

Pelosi is unpopular with those on the left and right, but she is also unpopular with voters in the middle. A majority of people want her to retire, according to a February poll, but Democrats oppose it. According to the study, 63 percent of independents and only 33 percent of Democrats believe Pelosi should retire.

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