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MLB Pitcher Rips US Gun Laws After Highland Park Incident

Pitcher Liam Hendriks of the Chicago White Sox spoke out against the most recent horrific shooting that occurred in a US town on Monday during a July 4th celebration.

Six individuals were killed in the shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, and more than 30 others were injured. After a brief automobile pursuit, Robert Crimo was apprehended hours later, according to the police.

Prior to the team’s game against the Minnesota Twins, Hendriks, an Australian native who has been playing in Major League Baseball since 2011, spoke about the incident. He said that shootings like the one in Highland Park were all too often.

“I think the access to the weaponry that is being kind of used in these things is something needs to change. Something needs to be done. Something needs to happen because there’s way too many people losing their lives, and it’s not only about the people who lose their lives. The families of that, the tragedy they go through, the entire community when people are concerned about leaving the house, concerned about doing the day-to-day things of going to work or any number of these things. We really need to reflect on what’s going on. I don’t think enough is being done.”

Hendriks expressed his confusion at the fact that in some places, a non-American may enter a store and buy a weapon.

“I had to take a driving test when I was over here. I won’t have to take a test if I want to get a gun. That’s stupid. Whoever thought that was a great idea was an idiot. There’s a lot of that goes on. As an Australian, we dealt with it as a country back in the day when we had a mass shooting,” he continued.

Several Chicago-area sports teams, including the White Sox, issued remarks on the shooting in Highland Park.

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