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Man Wins Lottery After Mix-up With Cashier

An Iowa guy claims he won $1 million in the Iowa Mega Millions lotto thanks to a cashier’s error.

Josh Buster, 40, said he requested a West Burlington convenience shop clerk for five easy-pick Mega Millions tickets but only received one from the lottery machine when he asked for five.

The cashier then asked Buster whether the four remaining plays could be printed on a different ticket

“I feel like that changed the numbers that I would have gotten if he had put them all on one instead of making that mistake,” Buster commented.

Buster said that he first mistook the whole thing and had to look up the lotto numbers after scanning the tickets on an app.

Buster further said, “I don’t usually have good luck, so I thought it was a mistake and there was going to be an error. So I Googled the lottery numbers to make sure I had the right ones, and I did! And then the rest of the day, I’m just waiting to wake up from a dream.”

Josh Buster, a prep cook at a restaurant in Burlington, Iowa, said he’ll put the lottery winnings toward paying off his vehicle and his mother’s mortgage, then putting the remainder into a retirement fund.

He was one number away from a part of the $20 million prize on Friday, but he missed the Mega Ball.

According to the Iowa Lottery, Buster will get $710,000 after taxes.

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