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Man Falls Out Of Bmw As His Pal Tries To Make A Stylish Exit

This is the embarrassing moment when a man fell from his convertible while his friend tried to make a stylish exit from a car enthusiast’s meet-up.

The red-faced passenger was seated on the back of the BMW drop-top when his friend floored the gas.

The driver of the black convertible was a bit too confident when he left the parking lot and sent his friend crashing to the ground.

The clip shows the motorist slowing down as he approaches a speed bump while leaving the venue. After driving smoothly over it, he revs up his engine and dramatically increases his speed, letting the passenger, who was unprepared, fly off to the rear.

The tracksuit-wearing man fell to the ground, despite his best efforts to hold on.

After the long display, he is seen getting up and dusting off.

Watch The Video Here:

The comical clip left people laughing.

One person posted online: “Play It Cool Trigger… I’m certain nobody saw!”

Another joked, “Love it when showing off turns out like this.”

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