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Angry Neighbours Block Road Constant Traffic From Airbnb Sparks War

The man used large A-frames to hang paper towels and set up roadblocks on his street. This was in order to warn potential Airbnb guests not to go.

The handwritten messages on the towels appeared in the center of a narrow suburban street, and have since caused a stir online.

“NO Airbnb Traffic! Turn around!” one sign said.

You are not welcome. NO!! Airbnb. Not in our neighborhood,” read the other.

The homemade signs have split opinions online, with some laughing at the blockade.

One person stated: “If Airbnb guests are coming across this sign, then it means they’ve already paid their money for their stay. The damage is done. If I saw this as a guest I’d laugh and drive around them.”

Others have supported the sign, arguing that holiday rentals and constant flows of strangers can “destroy the vibe” of a neighborhood.

“People buy up or rent affordable housing and use it to turn a profit while also introducing partiers to otherwise quiet neighborhoods,” one woman stated.

“Plus increase traffic which is bad for commuters and any kids that may become speedbumps to people unaware that kids play outside there and don’t know the speed limits,” she added, earning 300 likes.

Others claimed that a holiday rental would generate as much traffic or even less than if it was being rented out full-time.

“I can’t see how the traffic would be more – if someone lived there they would go in and out a few times per day and probably have guests as well,” one person reasoned.

Others disputed the argument that “people rent them for parties.”

“I rent them with my daughters because we prefer to cook for ourselves and don’t like to stay in party places – I have never seen a reaction like this,” she said.

One Airbnb owner commented that he was ridiculing his neighbor’s “outrageous” signs.

“We run a very successful Airbnb. No massive parties or big interruptions/problems in our neighborhood. We took a falling down eyesore and turned it into a great house that people love to stay at,” the woman said.

Others said they would be more annoyed at the neighbor’s “annoying” signs than the Airbnbs.

“Getting out of your car to move these every time would be way more annoying than party noises and traffic,” they stated.

Many people simply stated that the signs were ineffective and a waste of time.

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