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Majority Of Americans Claim Nation Is Doing Poorly

According to a recent study, a vast majority of Americans believe that things in America are going badly.

According to a CBS News/YouGov poll, 77 percent of Americans believe life in the United States is very or extremely poor under Biden. Only 44% of people think Biden is doing a good job.

When asked about their expectations for the economy in the next months, 68 percent are gloomy, 77 percent are concerned about growing costs of goods and services, 67 percent are concerned about the stock market, and 57 percent are concerned about their retirement plans.

The mood in America is restless and concerned. Large majorities characterize their attitude as such, despite persistent inflation and stock market falls, and the percentage of people who say the economy is awful has reached new highs for the Biden administration.

As we move into summer, the number of people who believe things in the country are doing badly overall is at its highest level during President Biden’s term, as pessimism about the market, the economy, and pricing drives forward-looking views and surpasses optimism about both jobs and the coronavirus.

The survey comes at a challenging time for Democrats, as they prepare for the November midterm elections.

Many foresee a GOP victory wave, with Republicans likely regaining control of the House and maybe the Senate.

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