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Jill Biden’s Latest Fashion Disaster Has People Talking

Jill Biden made headlines for the attire she chose to wear to Queen Elizabeth’s burial, when she and her husband were placed 14 rows back due to their tardiness. Etiquette dictates that she should have worn a hat and a longer skirt to match the solemn occasion rather than a fascinator that resembled a party bow. As we saw with the burial, this may create problems on a global scale.

But it also supports the justification her spouse offered for her desire to earn a doctorate in education. – that she believed she wasn’t receiving the respect due to the fact that she was only addressed as “Mrs.” when he was a Senator. She returned to school to complete the degree in order to receive the credit. She wants recognition that she has problems. That, in my opinion, might be one of the causes of the current Biden office situation. I believe she sought out the job in its current form; as a result, she is now prepared to play the handler while Joe deals with his problems.

You’d think she’d like to preserve his reputation, such as it was, and give him the opportunity to leave on good terms. But now that he has left his post, no one will ever be able to forget how unable and confused he has been. I don’t recall the details of the conversation, but he was already having problems while he was running, so someone ought to have had the decency to decline.

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