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Fauci Says Fully Vaxed Americans With Booster Still Needs A Mask

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a CNN guest, instructed Americans to wear masks, even if they have been fully vaccinated and boosted.

Yes, the goalposts DO keep moving.

The left-wing Doctor made his remarks During a Q&A session.

“And we’ve got another question, Steve in Seattle sent in this video asking about precautions fully vaccinated people should take. Let’s watch,” says the host before pointing to the video.

“Everyone’s been talking about what to do if you’re unvaccinated or without a booster, but what should someone who has all three shots do to protect themselves against the omicron variant?” the viewer asks.

“Good question. Yeah, good question,” Fauci started with.

“We’re asking people to go get booster shots and the question that was just asked is very relevant. What you do is exactly what we were saying, and that is to be prudent and careful, and one of the things that’s very clear is that if you have to be in an indoor congregate setting in which you’re unsure of what the vaccination status is of the people around you, wear a mask”, he then stated.

Watch it all here:

Are the shenanigans ever over?

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