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Chris Pratt’s ‘Non-Woke’ Super Mario Bros Movie Dominates Box Office For Third Weekend said on Sunday that Super Mario Bros. has become the highest-grossing film in North America, having earned an estimated $58.2 million in just its third weekend.

Fox News reports that the movie adaptation of the popular Nintendo video game earned $92.5 million during its second weekend of release and is on track to earn $1 billion worldwide.

Aside from Evil Dead Rise’s $23.5 million, other recent box office successes include The Covenant’s $6.3 million, John Wick: Chapter 4’s $5.8 million, and Dungeons & Dragons’ $5.4 million.

The next five highest-grossing films are as follows: Air ($4.9m), The Pope’s Exorcist ($3.3m), Renfield ($3.1m), Beau Is Afraid ($2.8m), and Suzume ($1.7m).

According to data compiled by Comscore for The Hollywood Reporter, the film’s second-weekend performance was the sixth largest of all time.

Only Avatar: The Way of Water ($2.31 billion), Spider-Man: No Way Home ($1.92 billion), and Top Gun: Maverick ($1.49 billion) have grossed more than $1 billion.

“As Mario continues his amazing cinematic journey, audiences clearly want to go along for the ride, and with an epic second weekend boasting one of the smallest drops for a movie opening with over $100 million domestically, the film is dominating the movie marketplace, redefining the box office potential for a video game movie adaptation and setting the stage for a perfect summer movie season,” commented Paul Dergarabedian, the senior media analyst for Comscore.

In a tweet published last week, the film’s creators made no attempt to hide the film’s massive popularity, calling it “the biggest movie in the world.”

Nintendo held a drone show in Santa Monica, California, earlier this month to celebrate the movie’s debut.

Famous Hollywood actor Chris Pratt provides Mario’s voice acting.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has done far better at the box office than other recent animated films, such as Disney’s Lightyear and Strange World, which both had homosexual movie sequences but ultimately bombed.

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