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Chinese Cops In Hazmats Clash With Shanghai Citizens Over Lockdowns

Residents in Shanghai battled with hazmat-suited cops on Thursday after being told to give up their houses so COVID-19 sufferers in China’s most populated metropolis could isolate amid strict lockdowns.

According to Agence France-Presse and video of the event, officers were seen pulling people to the ground and then carrying some away to a vehicle, while others expressed concern that turning their home a quarantine center amid an increase of cases would expose them to the sickness.

In the video, a lady who videotaped Thursday’s event can be heard stating, “It’s not that I don’t want to cooperate with the country, but how would you feel if you live in a building where the blocks are only 10 meters (30 feet) apart, everyone has tested negative, and these people are allowed in?”

The uncommon display of protest in the Communist country comes amid mounting dissatisfaction with the government’s zero-COVID policy, which saw millions of people in Shanghai placed under severe lockdown last month as instances began to rise in the face of the program.

To combat the virus, everyone who tests positive in China must quarantine at designated places for 14 days, and neighbors must likewise isolate themselves in their homes.

Shanghai has intensified the approach by transforming schools, newly built residential buildings, and exhibition halls into quarantine facilities.

Residents and cops clashed on Thursday as officials kicked away 39 renters to make place for infectious patients.

The complex’s developer, Zhangjiang Group, stated the residents were allocated apartments in different areas of the building and were reimbursed.

Last week, a Chinese health care worker was seen on camera thrashing a defenseless corgi to death over baseless suspicions that it may carry COVID-19.

Other films have emerged showing locals breaking over barricades in a frantic bid for food and water.

Although the number of persons under quarantine has not been revealed, Shanghai has registered more than 280,000 COVID illnesses since March.

On April 14, Shanghai’s municipal government reported 19,872 new asymptomatic cases and 3,200 new symptomatic cases.

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