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Chicago School Of Law Another Victim Of Woke Education

In the past, the University of Chicago Law School was seen as a “conservative” institution, but that label has vanished as a result of the school’s turn towards awakened education and DEI projects.

Just how deep down the school has sunk into the radical rabbit hole was shown via a brilliant investigation by PJ Media. Law schools are producing brainwashed left-wing activists who fall short of expected standards of quality, much like colleges in general.

A load of worthless curricular options is hardly what an entering student should anticipate for the outrageous amount of $106,563 each year. But that’s what Chicago law students experience.

If that’s not bad enough, it gets better. For instance, they may chose to be preached down to in “Critical Race Studies,” which defined itself as “an introduction to critical race theory through reading canonical works by critical race scholars.”

The course will look at how “legal research and law school pedagogy” has been or should be used in critical race theory.

“Emotions, Reason, and the Law,” a publication from Chicago, is yet another outstanding illustration of pointless study.

Is it surprising that federal judges are now reluctant to hire legal clerks from ostensibly prestigious institutions? James Ho and Elizabeth Branch, two judges on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, recently declared they would no longer take Stanford Law School candidates into consideration.

This comes after both parties pledged to help Yale Law School clerks the previous year. Their current move is also payback for conservative judge who attempted to speak at Stanford University being attacked by awakened students and Stanford’s “diversity dean”

Chicago might follow soon after. especially in light of other course options like “Public Law in the Time of Trump.”

As though the contentious policies and acts of Biden and Obama were uncontroversial, the course description included a promotion for a study of “President Trump’s controversial policies and actions.”

Students’ access to clinics is not much better. Little is being done for conventional law while a lot is being taught to encourage left-wing activism, from the “Abrams Environmental Law Clinic” to the “Civil Rights and Police Accountability Project.”

Parents who are concerned owe it to themselves and, especially, their children to be aware of the “teaching” that law schools and other institutions are disseminating. Only when funding runs out will administrators abandon woke brainwashing and return to good conventional education.

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