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Biden Hosts Global Supply Chain Event But Ends In a Train Wreck

Biden hosted a global summit on supply chain management at the G20 in Rome. He said a phrase that fascists use often. It is not surprising that fascists from Italy are present.

“Together, to increase our resilience and enhance our shared prosperity,” Biden stated. “Now, I’m going to turn it over to Secretary Blinken to actually, uh, make the trains run on time.”

Italians would be instantly familiar with the phrase “making trains run on-time,” which was famously used to refer to the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini’s regime. The Daily Kos advised Bernie Sanders that they would never use the phrase in 2020 articles, citing Global Security.

It is said that the claim was largely propaganda to counteract critics of the regime. Montagu and Darling wrote: “Mussolini may have done many brutal and tyrannical things; he may have destroyed human freedom in Italy; he may have murdered and tortured citizens whose only crime was to oppose Mussolini; but ‘one had to admit’ one thing about the Dictator: he ‘made the trains run on time.’”

Contemporaneous praise for Mussolini making the trains run on time is surprisingly scarce. The New York Times makes only a single contemporaneous mention of the trains running on time. The noted theologian Reinhold Niebuhr was quoted in the New York Times… on December 14, 1931 “Regardless of the compliments tourists give him for running the trains on time, the rule of Mussolini is the greatest outrage carried on against liberty”…

Italians would then murder Mussolini, the fascist dictator, in the streets. The expression of Secretary of State Tony Blinken and other world leaders upon Biden saying the phrase is priceless:

It is truly embarrassing. You can see the entire embarrassing event below.

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