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GOP Congressman Triggers House Dems by Wearing Let’s Go Brandon Mask

At an increasing rate, libs are being triggered by ‘Let’s Go Brandon! After a ‘journalist tried to hide that NASCAR fans were shouting ‘F*** Joe Biden!’ at Talladega, the naughty euphemism caught on quickly. It’s now a common phrase. Extremist leftists who seem to lack a sense of humor are not happy.

A House Republican, fed up with Speaker Pelosi’s nonsensical floor-mask mandate, decided to add some color to Monday’s proceedings and wear a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ mask. 

Below, you can see the mask in all its Democrat-triggering glory.

That would be Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) sticking it to the ‘man’ with one of the funnier masks to be snuck onto the House floor.

The whole mask-wearing thing is purely for show and is not based on science. (You can see how it fits, rendering it useless). So why not put on an entertaining show?

Duncan made it a point to emphasize that he was not indeeed masking, and should therefore be completely in the clear.

The leftists who spent four decades calling Donald Trump every epithet but “President” were apoplectic when they saw Rep. Duncan’s funny act of civil disobedience.

“You’re not only ugly on the outside – you’re ugly on the inside too!! Congrats,” one commenter raged.

“You think it’s a joke to behave like a child?” another asked rhetorically. “Much less your disrespectful mask! You are an embarrassment to SC and all her citizens.”

“Congress is the seat of democracy, not talk radio,” another scolded. “This is juvenile and unbecoming of a US Congressman. You need to show some respect for our country.

“Such a devout Christian. WWJD? Why, he’d slyly insult someone he disagrees with of course. It’s in the Bible. Look it up,” another remarked sarcastically.

“Not a serious representative, or Christian,” another intoned.

A Twitter commenter on Olivia Beaver’s photo of Rep. Duncan seems to sum up the left’s faux outrage nicely.

“Disgusting. The disrespect they screamed about for four years,” a commenter said. But a Twitter user named Ar15ONA was quick with the receipts.

“Hmm, this is you, right?” the user said, pointing to much more vulgar language used about Donald Trump.

However, even though they didn’t like Duncan’s mask, they were not happy when Rep. Bill Posey (R.FL) used the prohibited phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” while on the House floor.

“People are understandably frustrated. Actually, they are very angry, and they are not going to sit back and take it much longer,” Rep. Posey said. “Instead of the bogus Build Back Better plan and reconciliation plan, you know what they want? They want the Democrats to help put America back where they found it and leave it the hell alone. Let’s go, Brandon.”

Ted Cruz also shared a video with it. Mediaite reported that last week Fox News’ Kennedy made a mock “Let’s Go Brandon” chant in a segment.

Politico writer Anthony Andragna noted that Republicans’ invocation of the “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase has escaped notice until recently.

“The House floor is typically policed quite closely for breaches in rhetoric,” Andragna said. “Talking about the president in any vulgar way would, of course, attract attention — but this phrase seemed to fly under the radar.”

However, Democrats are dissatisfied with Republicans’ rhetorical attack on a president who routinely ignores Congress’ role in deciding the nation’s laws. There were also some Democratic Congress members who used epithets for Donald Trump’s four-year tenure as president, beyond random commenters.

In January 2019, for example, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) called Trump a “motherf*cker.” More specifically, she said, ‘we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker,” which drew “cheers” from the Democrats.

There is an alternative if the Democrats don’t wish to see President Biden treated with disrespective language. First, President Biden should stop calling Americans who believe in freedom’s founding value ‘freedom’ murderers. He can stop calling people who disagree with his Covid mandates “Neanderthals.”

Biden has another option to gain more respect. He can respect American citizens’ rights and take a Oath to protect the Constitution. He can chant “Let’s Go Brandon” if he fails to do so.

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