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Biden Ditches DC as Russian Invasion Continues

The existing ruling class, as former Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard reminded out, did much to incite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The foreign policy imbecile in DC effectively caused the Russian invasion of Ukraine by declining to keep our vow not to expand NATO to the east, by refusing to acknowledge that we wouldn’t respect Russia’s quite rational national interest in not having NATO barely 500 kilometers from Moscow.

Their weakness, combined with the tragedy that was our withdrawal from Afghanistan, increased the risk of a Russian invasion.

So, now that he and his merry band of idiots have spurred Russia into mauling Ukraine, is Biden leading from the front and dealing with the mess he and his kind have created?

As invading Russian troops prepared to take control of Ukraine’s capital on Saturday, President Biden was in a Delaware state of mind.

As the greatest conflict in Europe since 1945 reached its third day, Biden’s public schedule released by the White House revealed that the commander-in-chief would spend the weekend in Wilmington.

On Friday, President Barack Obama, 79, and First Lady Jill Biden, 70, were pictured boarding a Marine One helicopter for a 100-mile flight back to the White House.

Perhaps Biden can accomplish as much from Delaware as he can from Washington, and oversee the crisis and America’s response from there. Jen Psaki, on the other hand, stated that he could.

When questioned if he’d be able to safely contact his team, Psaki stated that the President has the ability to make a secure call from anywhere he is.

America must take the initiative and lead from the front. That isn’t to say that we should go to war; it simply means that the president must be seen dealing with problems and defending America’s interests. That leadership appears to be missing when Biden quits DC for Delaware.

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