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Biden Accused Of Looking The Other Way On China’s Genocide

The persecution of Uighur people by the Chinese regime is being blamed on President Joe Biden.

The Washington Free Beacon published a harsh editorial accusing Biden of telling the Muslim minority to “drop off” after it emerged that his administration was blocking sanctions against slave labor.

Trade restrictions at play

Although the Uighur Forced Labor Prevention Act has bipartisan support in Congress it has also faced opposition from corporate lobbyists and Biden officials worried about trade restrictions.

According to the Washington Post, Wendy Sherman, Deputy Secretary of State, wants a more targeted version of the bill. This would prohibit imports of Uighur slave labor.

Republican supporters of the bill such as Sen. Marco Rubio (R.FL) and conservative media such the Beacon, have accused John Kerry and the Biden administration of prioritizing a woke climate agenda over human rights.

The Free Beacon condemned the Biden administration’s inability to look away from a “genocide”, in order to save a climate agreement that Kerry is negotiating.

This is not a scandal. It is a moral stain on Biden’s administration. Antony Blinken is their chief diplomat and routinely invokes his stepfather, a Holocaust survivor, when it’s politically convenient,” Beacon wrote.

China tensions increase

China is both the largest emitter of greenhouse gas and the biggest supplier of a vital raw material for solar panels, polysilicon. The Uighur homeland of Xinjiang is home to fifty percent of the world’s rare material supply. Many are held in camps.

The New York Post reported that the Uighur bill passed in July by the Senate unanimously after having passed the House in September 2020. The House will vote again next week.

China is becoming more assertive about its territorial claims on Taiwan, causing fears of conflict between America’s chief enemy and China hawks.

The White House said it wouldn’t send any U.S. delegation to the Winter Olympics. China dismissed the White House’s announcement that it would not send a U.S. delegation to the Winter Olympics as a trivial gesture.

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, a Chinese propaganda paper, said that “only super narcissistic people will regard their absence” as significant.

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