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Oregon Discussing Permanent Indoor Mask Mandates Statewide

Oregon officials met on Thursday to discuss the options for implementing a permanent indoor helmet mandate across the state.

To discuss the possibilities of new regulation, the Oregon Health Authority met up with a Rules Advisory Committee.


Is Oregon capable of passing a permanent indoor masking mandate? This is a real discussion, but the term permanent refers only to the state adopting a single regulation regarding indoor masking that will be in effect until the ban is lifted.

However, state leaders want to avoid the need to reimpose current masking rules on an ongoing basis.

Many people in Oregon, as well as nationwide, see the discussion to be a bad idea, especially considering that coronavirus numbers have been declining nationwide and that millions of people have received vaccines or booster shots.

One of the Only States

“Oregon – one of only a handful of states that still has an indoor mask mandate – is working to make that rule permanent,” Portland’s KATU-TV reported.

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