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Alarming Number Of US Teachers Arrested

It’s bad enough that instructors all around the country want to be permitted to educate young children about unsuitable sexual issues, such as extreme gender ideology.

Even worse, an increasing number of instructors appear to be involved in sexual misbehavior situations with pupils, with roughly one teacher or teachers’ assistant being jailed on such charges every day.

According to the data, at least 135 teachers and teachers’ aids were arrested in 41 states between January 1 and May 13, averaging roughly one arrest per day. The significant majority of accused perpetrators were male instructors or aids, which is notable. The charges covered in the investigation ranged from child pornography possession to child rape.

117 teachers, 11 teachers’ aids, and seven substitute instructors were among the 135 educators. Several of the arrests were made on the basis of very horrific claims.

Clearly, the great majority of instructors are excellent, albeit a little too quiet. However, when schools began teaching extreme sexual indoctrination, predators were drawn. This is why, according to a citizen, sexuality should be kept out of classrooms entirely.

Parents already have to worry about extreme leftist whackjobs brainwashing their children with terrible worldviews. The last thing parents should be concerned about is their children’s safety in the classroom. Perhaps this news will spark a movement to have parental-access cameras installed in every school.

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