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A Massive Fire Erupted In A Homeless Encampment In California

According to accounts, a big fire broke out at a homeless encampment in California, resulting in a massive smoke cloud.

The fire is thought to have begun at or near a homeless encampment near the convention center, as evidenced by the clouds of smoke seen on camera.

As firemen battled the incident, video on social media revealed a heavy cloud of gray smoke.

The fire appears to be burning beneath a bridge near Oakland’s Lake Merritt.

More footage from the area shows emergency personnel near the bridge, with explosions in the distance.

Officials received a dispatch for an outdoor fire at 1200 Lakeshore AVE at around 1952 hours (7:52 p.m. local time), and E12 escalated the assignment to a major encampment fire upon arrival, according to Michael Hunt, chief of staff at the Oakland Fire Department.

After 45 minutes, the crisis was brought under control by around 25 firemen. After 90 minutes, the road was reopened. By 10:30 p.m., the incident was over.

There were no injuries or fatalities, although one individual was relocated, according to authorities.

The scene took place beneath the flyover where the Estuary flows into Lake Merritt. The walkway is roughly 20 feet by 100 feet. The pathway was taken up with household objects, weight equipment, and artwork measuring 10 feet by 100 feet.

A fire at a different homeless encampment in Oakland killed one person and displaced five others on April 5.

The camp on Wood Street and 26th Street in West Oakland caught fire. According to firemen, one individual died in an RV as a consequence of the incident.

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