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VP Harris Finds ‘Root Cause’ Of Increased Immigration Crossings At Southern Border – Blames ‘Extreme Climate’

Kamala Harris asserts that”extreme climate” is one of the many root causes for the immigration surge at the southern boundary, based on The Western Journal.

“Most people don’t want to leave home. They don’t want to leave their grandparents, they don’t want to leave the culture.”

“We are looking at extensive storm damage because of extreme climate, we’re looking at drought in an area in a region where agriculture is one of the most traditionally important bases for their economy, we’re looking at what’s happening in terms of food scarcity as a result of that and in fact incredible food insecurity, which we used to call hunger, food insecurity.”

In October of this past year, 2020, and November, two hurricanes blew through the Northern Triangle, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, wreaking havoc and destruction.

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