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Texas Deputy Fired After Fatally Shooting Teen

The adolescent had a felony warrant and was reportedly driving a stolen automobile. After killing a 17-year-old who allegedly disobeyed verbal directions after driving a stolen automobile into an off-limits parking area, a deputy in Harris County, Texas, was dismissed.

According to KTRK, Constable Alan Rosen stated on Friday that the anonymous deputy’s “behavior was not consistent with departmental regulations.”

The adolescent, Charisma Hannibal, was hospitalized after receiving non-life-threatening injuries after the incident, which took place outside NRG Stadium on Dec. 26.

After the deputy pursued her, Hannibal ultimately came to a halt, but attempted to re-enter the vehicle after the deputy shouted verbal instructions. Hannibal drove away after the deputy shot her and halted the chase when she reached a locked gate.

At the time of the incident, she was wanted on a felony warrant, and she was ultimately charged with aggravated violence on a public worker and felony evading arrest. The deputy was unharmed, and Houston Police Department, Harris County District Attorney’s Office, and the precinct are conducting an internal inquiry into the event.

In light of the deputy’s conduct, the teen’s father, Darrin Hannibal, allegedly urged that the charges against her should be dropped. “After the red flag of the officer being terminated, I feel like they should be dropped,” he told KTRK.  “Lets me know there was something they were covering up.”

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