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Ted Cruz Poses for Photo With Man Holding ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Sign

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), shared a photo of himself at Game 2 of the World Series with a man who was holding a “Let’s Go Brandon” poster.

Bryson Gray A Rapper’s song “Let’s Go Brandon” is a satire on President Joe Biden’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, cognitive ability and handling of coronavirus.

After a NBC reporter incorrectly reported that NASCAR fans were chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” after a win by Brandon Brown, the chant became an internet hit. In reality, they were shouting, “F**k Joe Biden!”

Cruz smiles next to the man who holds the sign. It also has the letters FJB scrawled multiple times.

According to the Washington Examiner, those initials are an apparent reference of the chant “F**k Joe Biden”.

The Washington Post had to correct a story about the Biden chant at the September Save America rally, Georgia. It claimed that the crowd was singing “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Many on Twitter called the Post out for promoting anti-president sentiment in order to protect President Biden. They noted that the “Let’s go Brandon” chant was not created by the media until October.

Houston won 7-2 in Wednesday’s game to tie the series with Atlanta Braves at one.

Cruz tweeted: “Awesome experience at #WorldSeries game 2. It was a great win! It was a much better result than the last. #Astros IN SIX.

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