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Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams Dems for Labelling Abortions Healthcare

Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the most prominent and well-respected members of the right. While others in her party may bow to the left time and again, Congresswoman Greene is one of the most determined fighters within the GOP.

She’s introduced a bill to give Kyle Rittenhouse a Medal, exposed how the January 6th political prisoner are being treated, and called RINO’s who had their spines removed and bow down to “dictator Biden.”

She’s now waging war on the left by calling out far-left Rep. AyannaPressley’s (D–MA) claim that “Abortion Care is Health Care.”

It all began when Pressley, the radical, went on MSNBC and declared that abortion is health care and that it is a matter “of life and death”.

She probably meant for babies, but she seems to care little about them when she says “life and death”.

Greene spoke out against Pressley’s remarks, criticizing her for being so evil and saying that “killing babies IS NOT health care.” This is the most disgusting statement.

We hope that others will take the lessons from Greene’s example and stand up against the insane leftists such as Pressley and for unborn rights!

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