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Man Gets Years In Prison For Calling Police Dispatch Too Many Times

According to local media, a Wisconsin man was sentenced to three years in jail on Wednesday for making more than 75 phone calls to a police dispatch over the course of one day this past summer.

John Cowen was sentenced to three years in jail and another six years of extended supervision by Dodge County Circuit Judge Martin De Vries. According to the report, Cowen was convicted in February of illegal phone usage, refusing or obstructing an officer, and a felony offense of violence or threat to law enforcement, as well as bond skipping.

He predicted that one of your pigs will be shot in a non-emergency contact to police dispatch on June 28. According to the papers, a communications officer then reported the event to Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt.

According to the complaint, authorities discovered that on the same day, another phone call with the identical threat was made to the Beaver Dam Police Department. Cowen was placed under observation by police, and when they met with him later, he denied any participation. He apparently denied possessing a gun and stated that he despised officers, specifically Beaver Dam Police Administration who had detained him.

Cowen then talked with a female crisis negotiator, reportedly asking her improper questions. Cowen allegedly contacted dispatch seven times the next day, despite police warnings not to call unless there was an emergency. Between 6:44 p.m. and 7:44 p.m. 29th of June, 3:22 a.m. Cowen allegedly dialed police dispatch 69 times on June 30. Cowen was apprehended on June 30 and reportedly sought to improperly touch the arresting officer.

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