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Harris Stumps For Bidens Climate Agenda On Trip To Nevada

Vice President Kamala Harris destroyed her credibility on Monday’s “climate crisis” when she marched up the steps of Air Force Two to make a trip in Nevada after leaving what was described by the New York Post as a “large, black SUV”. “

The Post observed that Harris was not taken seriously by some listeners as she attempted to convince them in Lake Mead, to support her “historic investments” in White House-backed plans to fund improvements in infrastructure for electric cars. Is this too hypocritical?

“On the issue of climate, well, the Build Back Better agenda will help us tackle the climate crisis with investments in clean energy and electric vehicles, and so we can reduce emissions,” Harris stated according to the Post.

“And why do we need to reduce emissions?” the vice president continued to add. “Because that is part of what is contributing to these drought conditions.”

“Save the planet”

Harris was referring to the ongoing drought in Western states, including Nevada and California. According to a report by the Reno Gazette Journal, experts believe that water bodies like Lake Tahoe and Lake Mead will experience record-breaking water levels in the next few years “if the dry spell persists.”

The Gazette-Journal reported that one scientist said he didn’t think the region is heading for another megadrought, at least not in its next few years, but that the current dry conditions would persist for the next two years. Lake Tahoe’s water levels will not rise until there is another significant water year.

Harris says that America should be concerned about such situations, but she isn’t practicing what she preaches. Observers are not letting Harris off the hook. According to the New York Post, one journalist suggested that “Zoom is possible.”

But while Harris suggests situations like this should be America’s top concern, she doesn’t seem to be practicing what she preaches — and observers aren’t letting her off the hook. “Zoom is available,” one journalist suggested, according to the New York Post.

Harris lacks self-awareness

According to the Post Harris was also subject to pushback by Republicans, including Eric Schmitt, Missouri Attorney General.

“This is about as self aware as hiring child actors to make you look relatable in a video produced by a Canadian company named Sinking Ship Entertainment,” he wrote in a tweet Monday.

Despite being hypocritical, the vice president has not shown any signs of stopping supporting Biden’s progressive climate agenda.

“It is critical that we as a nation understand that we have within our hands, within our possession, the ability to actually change the course of where we’re headed,” Harris stated in her Monday talk, according to the Los Angeles Times. “Let’s get these bills passed.”

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