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Harris Appears To Undermine Biden On Covid During Interview

Vice President Kamala Harris says the Biden administration did not foresee the omicron COVID-19 variants.

Both variants are present in the United States. The newer variant, omicron, is highly contagious. It is expected to rapidly replace the delta strain that spread this summer.

“We didn’t see Delta coming. “I think most scientists didn’t — upon whose direction and advice we have relied — didn’t see Delta coming,” she stated in an interview with The Los Angeles Times, which was published Friday. “We didn’t see Omicron come. That’s because Omicron is a terrible virus that has evolved into variants and mutations.”

Vice President Kamala Harris denied President Joe Biden prematurely declared victory over this virus days before it became widespread in the United States. Biden originally considered Harris his heir apparently. However, Democrats appear to be evaluating other options in the event that Harris does not run for reelection.

Harris is not popular and has been criticized for her performance. Harris refused to say if her race or gender played any role in the criticism.

Harris’ public performances have been widely criticized, with some calling him robotic or bizarrely inappropriate which made her notorious for sticking to her script.

Nonetheless, her enthusiasm was palpable at the recording of an interview with Charlamagne Tha God on Friday. When Charlamagne indicated that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) was the de facto President because of his capacity to derail Biden’s agenda, Vice President Kamala Harris was extremely rebuffed.

Harris just went on to list a number of achievements made by the Biden administration.

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