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Federal Judge Drops Abortion BOMB

A federal appeals court in Texas ruled against abortion clinics this week, giving pro-lifers even another legal victory.

According to the Daily Wire, they are challenging a law known as S.B. Last year, House Bill 8 was passed, which prohibits abortion beyond six weeks for children.

The Heartbeat Act permits anybody other than the mother to be sued for up to $10,000 if they participate in an abortion.

This past autumn, the United States of America (US) All Texas state courts have been barred from hearing lawsuits related to the statute, according to District Judge Robert Pittman.

The statute was later reinstated after Pittman’s ruling was overturned by the conservative-leaning Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Supreme Court refused to rule on the law’s legality in November, instead remanding the case to the Fifth Circuit.

According to a Politico story, the abortion providers asked to have the case returned to Pittman, but the appeals court instead directed it to the Texas Supreme Court on Monday, which pro-lifers cheered.

That decision was met with varied reactions, according to Politico, with Center for Reproductive Rights attorney Marc Hearron among those who were unhappy.

Meanwhile, Republican state senator Sean Roberts of Oklahoma expressed delight at the news and vowed to pursue a similar law in his state.

“The pro-life citizens of Oklahoma should have the ability to help hold these doctors accountable. Individual citizens are an extremely important part of making sure that we are protecting the lives of the unborn.”

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