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Conservative Company Sends Massive Aid Package to East Palestine, Ohio

Goya Foods, the Hispanic foods firm that rose to prominence as a corporation led by conservatives after its CEO backed President Donald Trump, has today offered a major aid package for the people of East Palestine, Ohio. Goya provided truckloads of ready-to-eat meals and drinks to help the town recover from the terrible chemical accident.

Goya announced that charity on Twitter, saying: “In response to the recent #Ohio train derailment, we are sending ready-to-serve Goya food/beverages to the people of #EastPalestine & surrounding areas. The impact of this disaster is devastating for both the #community & #environment. It is not a forgotten community 2 #GoyaGives.”

Goya Foods President and CEO Bob Unanue announced the decision in a press release. Speaking on the aid package, he said “The impact of this disaster is devastating on both the community and the environment. East Palestine has been treated like a forgotten town, and while this may be a small community, it is not a forgotten community by Goya. We are always present during moments of tragedy for all people in need.”

Goya Foods also revealed the specifics of the help and the practicalities of getting it to East Palestine, saying:

Goya Foods, through its Goya Gives global initiative, is sending ready-to-serve Goya food and beverages to the people of East Palestine and surrounding areas in response to the Ohio train derailment.

[…]Goya products will be received and distributed with the help of Chaney Nezbeth, Executive Director of Way Station, a community resource for families and individuals in need.

“Being able to offer the residents of East Palestine food and beverages options that don’t require their tap water for preparation is something no one else had even thought of. The variety of items that Goya is providing is incredible and absolutely needed right now,” said Chaney Nezbeth, Executive Director of Way Station.

Goya is constantly at the forefront of natural disasters and humanitarian relief operations through Goya Gives, contributing millions of pounds of food each year in the United States and around the world. Goya recently donated food to people in Turkey and Syria.

Goya isn’t the only conservative organization donating food and beverages to East Palestine. Former President Donald Trump did the same, giving water to the town and purchasing McDonald’s dinners for locals and first responders.

The New York Post reported on the circumstances surrounding Goya’s assistance to East Palestine, noting that the food company’s assistance came after FEMA declined to assist for weeks. In the words of that publication:

The multi-billion-dollar company’s announcement comes just two days after the federal government finally sent Federal Emergency Management Agency officials to the site of the toxic train derailment despite originally claiming the tragedy didn’t qualify for assistance.

Residents of East Palestine and the surrounding area had been pleading for federal help since the Feb. 3 tragedy that released a chemical plume, contaminated local streams and forced an evacuation of roughly 5,000 panicked residents.

“Mayor Pete” showed up after Trump’s visit and poked around town while looking utterly clueless, providing no real help or aid to the town, unlike Trump and Goya.

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