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Connecticut Coronavirus Cases Linked To Dem Governor’s Holiday Party

Governor Ned Lamont, who was not affected, attended a number of big gatherings in the days leading up to and following the party, according to a spokeswoman. According to reports, a handful of visitors at Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont’s residence earlier this month had breakout coronavirus illnesses.

According to, neither Lamont nor his wife Annie Lamont were harmed.

The illnesses happened despite the fact that guests had to show documentation of complete immunization status as well as a negative coronavirus test result, according to the study.

According to the complaint, the Lamonts learned of the illnesses during the week after the Dec. 11 celebration.

According to, the governor’s communications director, Max Weiss, refused to answer if the Lamonts and their guests wore masks throughout the celebration.

Weiss told WVIT-TV in New Britain, Connecticut, that the governor attended multiple big gatherings in the days leading up to and following the celebration, and that he favors parties where the majority of guests are known to be vaccinated.

The state of Connecticut imposed limits on the size of indoor parties last year in an attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus, but no similar restrictions have been imposed this holiday season, according to the article.

According to, Stamford and Norwalk were among the local governments that reinstated indoor mask restrictions last week in response to an increase in illnesses.

Lamont, a Democrat, has been the governor of Connecticut since January 2019.

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