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Biden Gets Confused During A Thanksgiving Event For Military

Joe Biden looked confused and dazed again Monday at a Thanksgiving gathering with military personnel.

Biden stopped mid-sentence and asked, “Where do you go?” Before Jill stepped in to save the day.

“We owe you so much, thank you…. I know where I have to go? I have to go back…” Biden said, pleading for help.

When his wife waved to him, Biden said: “Let’s see how she points out? Look this. You could say she’s a professor, right? I’ll be back, Jill, I promise. I’ll be there,” he said before taking more orders.

“Oh! I have to introduce the chaplain!” Biden said before relinquishing the microphone.

You Can Watch This remarkable moment below:

How can we expect Biden to be able to recognize the happenings in America if he doesn’t know how to handle a Thanksgiving gathering?

May God help us.

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