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Biden Coughing Excessively During His Covid Press Conference

When President Joe Biden coughed through Tuesday’s press conference about the COVID-19 pandemic, it raised questions.

According to The Daily Wire, the president of the united states ( Biden ) was addressing Omicron variants and what the administration is doing to combat them when he stopped coughing and cleared his airway.

Biden started by talking about the progress he made in fighting COVID. Biden then went on to state that approximately 200 million Americans had received a vaccine and many more have received boosters.

“There are some parts of this country where people are very eager to get their booster where it’s harder to get an appointment,” he continued pausing briefly to cough into his hand. “Excuse me. Starting this week I’ll be deploying hundreds more vaccinators and more sites to help get the booster shots in people’s arms.”

“I’ve ordered FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to stand up new pop-up vaccination clinics all across the country, where you can get that booster shot. We’ve opened –” Biden coughed into his hand again before continuing on with his speech. 

“Excuse me. We’ve opened FEMA vaccination sites in Washington state and New Mexico recently as cases have increased.”

Questions have begun to popup about the seemingly uncontrollable breathing issues with the president and many have come out to ask questions via Twitter, including political commentators: 

“Biden struggling with a cough during this speech,” Fox News contributor Guy Benson noted.

“Biden coughs into his hand as he scolds unvaccinated for ‘spreading’ Covid hahahahha can’t make this up,” Liz Wheeler added via twitter.

“Does Biden have a COVID cough?” Todd Starnes asked on twitter.

This is after the White House had announced earlier that the president had been in close contact with someone who tested positive to COVID but said that he was feeling fine.

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