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America Could See An Uptick in Welfare Fraud

Many Americans believe that the Biden administration’s actions are creating a series of problems one after another.

Working people lost their employment as a result of Biden’s decision to demolish the Keystone XL project, and energy independence was severely harmed.

Illegal immigration shot through the roofs as the president decided to undo the Trump administration’s immigration restrictions.

Currently, the Biden administration has approved a new immigration policy that would provide ID cards to border crossers before allowing them to enter the country.

The GOP is alarming over this most recent development, claiming that it may ultimately result in welfare fraud.

Under Biden’s leadership, the Department of Homeland Security is supporting the policy of providing ID cards to persons who have entered the nation unlawfully. These ID cards will save DHS money, according to the government.

Republicans, though, hold a totally different perspective. GOP members of the House Oversight Committee recently sent a letter to DHS saying that this legislation will seriously harm all of America.

Republicans foresee a number of particular issues, including welfare fraud and Americans being priced out of services that are intended for them.

GOP members of the House Oversight Committee also issued a warning that illegal aliens will be able to access transportation, accommodation, and other benefits with ID cards.

Naturally, the Biden administration is not giving in or carefully considering these issues. However, the White House has never allowed Republican opposition to really affect its immigration initiatives.

There have also been recent accusations that the Biden administration is providing social security numbers to undocumented immigrants. If these rumors are accurate, it brings up a whole other bag of worms.

With social security numbers, it may be considerably more difficult for American authorities to distinguish between US citizens and illegal immigrants.

Illegal immigrants may very likely be permitted to cast ballots in elections if they have social security numbers and identification cards. Another problem about which Republicans have issued warnings is this one.

The Biden administration hasn’t commented on whether or whether it issues social security cards to undocumented immigrants as of yet. However, there is no doubt that this is being reported, and Americans are voicing their worries about it on social media.

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