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Oscars Endures Devastating Hit After Going Increasingly Woke

The Academy Awards took place at Union Station and The Dolby Theatre In L.A. Based on Variety.

A mean of 9.85 million viewers watched the service.

In comparison to last year’s Academy Awards, this is a 58.3% reduction in their number of audiences.

13.75 million people didn’t tune in this season that tuned in last year to watch.

According to reports, this year’s ceremony was the third consecutive Academy Awards with no host.

The show scored a 1.9 rating from adults ranging from 18-49.

This evaluation score is a 64.2% reduction from last year.

In 2020 the service scored a 5.3 rating in the exact same market as previously stated.

23.6 million viewers tuned in to watch in the year 2020 amid the pandemic.

In 2019 the service scored a 7.7 rating within the exact same demographic summing up to 29.6 million people viewing the series.

2018 was 12% lower than 2019.

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