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President Biden Trying To Steal Trump’S Covid Vaccine Success

COVID vaccines administered worldwide, 140 million doses, or 26%, were injected into American arms. This effort in 2020 to mobilize the vaccine development indicates that President Trump, not President Biden, deserves the succcess that the U.S. now enjoys. 

The U.S., United Kingdom and Israel are the major vaccinators, and they’re rapidly approaching herd immunity.

That were injected worldwide, a questionable 152 million profit, or 28%, in eight days.

The U.S. has administered 169 million jabs, or 24% of the worldwide total. With 331 million people, America has achieved a fantastic 51 percent”jab-to-population” ratio.

Receiving at least one vaccine dose are 108 million Americans.

Shot into American arms, or 2.9 million each day.

doses were injected.

During this new eight-day period, the united kingdom, with 68 million people, went from 35 million to 37 million doses.

Israel, with 9 million people, increased from 10 million to 10.2 million shots.

The 27-nation European Union administered 16 million doses, an encouraging 24% increase, increasing its total from 67 million to 83 million.

The EU’s most populous countries are Germany, which increased from 12 million to 15 million doses, or 25 percent; and France, which rose from 10 million to 12 million, or a 20% jump.

Communist China skyrocketed from 102 million to 146 million doses, a 44 million increase, or 43 percent. Since this totalitarian country was the source of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, also has reported fewer than 5,000 deaths, its official statistics are epidemiologically worthless.

India, whose 1.38 billion people nearly equal China’s 1.44 billion, had an 45% increase in vaccinations, from 60 million to 87 million.

During the past eight days, Brazil, the world’s sixth most populous country with 213 million people, increased vaccinations from 18 million to 23 million, or 28%.

Tragically, between March 29 and April 6, Brazil’s COVID deaths rose by 23,000, from 314,000 to 337,000, or 7%.

President Joe Biden should offer this crucial American ally with millions of doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which can be uselessly in warehouses awaiting the long-overdue FDA approval.

, the U.S. pledged 4 million AstraZeneca doses to Mexico and Canada, which have dreadful inoculation records.

During the preceding week, Canada increased vaccinations from 5 to 7 million, or 40%, and Mexico jumped from seven to 10 million, or 43%.

Op-ed on April 2, Dr. Marty Makary, the Johns Hopkins surgeon and Fox News medical contributor, snarkily announced that the”U.S. will soon achieve herd immunity against the novel coronavirus, but the U.K. will get there sooner.”

Dr. Makary pointed out that “59% of British adults are now vaccinated with one dose, versus only 38% in U.S.”

He didn’t mention that Israel, as of last Friday, has inoculated 61% of its overall population, to the UK’s 46%.

Dr. Makary also overlooked the key metric that 76% of the 55 million Americans 65 years of age or older, or 42 million, have been jabbed with a least one vaccine dose.

Of America’s COVID deaths, 81% were individuals 65 years old or older, and 15% were one of the 50-64 age cohort.

, there were another 50 million doses that had been delivered to the 50 states, but they have not yet been injected.

, between Dec. 20, 2020, and March 7, 2021, daily COVID deaths in America’s assisted-living facilities dropped 91%, from 6,037 to 547.

, deaths from all causes in the U.S. dropped from 82,000 to 52,000, or 37%.

This remarkable decline in fatalities has continued during the last month.

Since Jan. 20, 2021, President Joe”Plagiarist-in-Chief” Biden has been abominably attempting to steal credit for America’s brilliant vaccination success from former President Donald Trump.

A class newspaper, and he narrowly escaped expulsion.

On April 6, 2021, reminded fair-minded Americans that in September 2020 President Trump predicted”we expect to have enough vaccines for every American by April [2021].” The article also emphasized that”Biden said last year most Americans would not get a vaccine’nicely’ into 2021.”

To paraphrase the well-known attack during the 1980 presidential debate unleashed by Ronald Reagan against the hapless incumbent Jimmy Carter:”Hey, 78-year-old Joe Biden, you’ve been an intellectual-property thief for the last 56 years.”

Really,”an old leopard doesn’t change his spots,” if I may even paraphrase Jeremiah 13:23.


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